We apologize in advance for surely, involuntarily, we forget some of the many who have helped us and will surely continue doing it: health professionals (doctors, nurses and technicians), personnel management, Health Centers and Hospital, the City Villanueva de la Serena for allowing us the space that allows us to carry out our research, the health authorities of the Ministry of Health of the Government of Extremadura, authorities Extremadura Health Service, Area Manager Don Benito-Villanueva and Clinical Analysis Services, Information and Admission / Coding, the Blood Bank Extremadura, FUNDESALUD,  Carlos III, Ministry of Science and Innovation, Societies Extremeñas  of HTA , Cardiology and Clinical Analisys , the IMIM and REGICOR of Catalonia, Farmaindustria Group (Laboratories Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Novartis and FERRER-NOVAG), to the media that disseminate our Cardiovascular Research Program (Channel 8, Canal Extremadura TV, COPE, SER, TODAY newspaper, Extremadura and regular periodic VEGAS HIGH) and, of course, our families who have managed to understand our desire to improve the RESEARCH

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